Pure Light Slim utilizes a wavelength of 635 nanometers. This wavelength is proven to induce a transitory pore within the protective membrane of the fat cell, providing a means for the stored fatty material to exit the cell. Release of intracellular fat promotes cellular collapse of the fat cell significantly reducing cell volume. The liberated fat is absorbed by the lymphatic system and removed from the treated region, producing a slimming outcome based upon the volume reduction of cells.
Where does the fat go:

  • The lymphatic system is a system of lymph nodes and vessels running throughout the body responsible for transporting fatty acids to the circulatory system for metabolism.
  • Lymph nodes release enzymes to break triglycerides down into free-fatty acids.
  • The free-fatty acids are then used as energy for the body and burned off during exercise. The lymphatic system is ‘powered’ by muscle movement.
  • If aerobic exercise is not performed following your Pure Light treatments, a percentage of the fat will be reabsorbed by the cells.

Characteristics of fat and effectiveness:

  • Pure Light Slim is most effective on Subcutaneous Fat
  • Closer to the surface, easy to lose
  • Tissue that feels soft and “fluffy”
  • Not effective on Visceral Fat
  • Deep fat: tissue feels hard to the touch
  • Lies below the muscles, surrounds the organs

How to calculate volume loss:

  • Pure Light removes the volume inside a fat cell and leaves behind the cell membrane
  • 2 inch loss = 1 liter of fat
  • Density of fat = 1.8 pounds per liter

Refractory Effect

  • Affected cells send chemical signal to adjacent cells within a 2 inch circumference of each pad
  • Adjacent cells two inches away from each pad will become up-regulated and will respond to the treatment
  • In a high percentage of patients, there will be a refractory effect into other areas of the body. This effect varies from person to person. (For this reason, make sure to always measure waist, and thighs- no matter what area of the body is being treated with the Pure Light pads.)

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